We’ve been working on documenting the history of the club.  George found some of the original newsletters of the club which we have added here.  They make for some interested reading.  The September 1967 Issue is labeled as the first newsletter.  However, the club was founded by Ray Armstrong and others about 1948.  If you remember any of the details about the club history or have an posters, newsletters or ramblings please drop us a note.  web@blackashsportsman.org (We’d be happy to scan and return anything documents.)

Recently Tom Mattis asked Bill Wentworth to write about what we believe to be the first club sponsored activity:   Black Ash Little League.  Click to read Bill’s write up on it.   Thanks to Bill for sharing this with us.



Sept 1967 1st newsletter                               Oct 1967 2nd Anyone have this one ?
Nov 1967 3rd newsletter                                Dec 1967 4th newsletter

March 68     April 68     May 68     June 68     July 68     Sept 68     Sept Field Day

Spring 1969

Dec 1975

Fall 1980

Original Club house as it is today