NRA Silhouette

NRA Silhouettes at Black Ash

We will be shooting the second Saturday of the month starting Saturday – April 8th 2017. Matches will begin at 9 a.m.  Here is a great site with lots of good information on shooting Silhouettes it’s Rifle Silhouettes.

We will also be starting a new format for starting shooters, no relays and new shooters starting on the line every 10 minutes (or less).

For those of you who were not around much last year we also have some ½ scale targets   (really big) for open sight  (cowboy) rifle and handgun classes.

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2011 Scores

We are shooting regular NRA Rimfire Rifles Silhouettes at Black Ash.  The plan is to keep it simple, fun, and safe.  Steel knock over targets are shot offhand at distances of 40, 60, 77 and 100 meters.  Targets vary is size and include chickens at 40 meters, pigs at 60 meters, turkeys at 77 meters and rams at 100 meters.  We plan to follow NRA rules for these shoots except for rifle classifications.  This is not a sanctioned yet but  it is  lots of fun and great practice for the sanctioned events.

Email for more information and watch this page for updates.   Good shooting !!!