About Us

Black Ash Sportsman Inc, our formal name, was founded about 1947 by Ray Armstrong and others to promote the welfare of and conservation of the natural resources in wildlife of the community;  to provide for instruction of and education of the youth of the community in good conservations practices and in hunting and fishing practices; to provide recreational facilities for members and to promote hunting, fishing and shooting sports.

Any person of good moral character and in agreement with the mission statement above shall be eligible for membership regardless of race, creed, color or national origin, pending a majority vote at the next general meeting after the application is received.

The dues year is January 1 through December 31.  Annual members are required to pay yearly dues in the sum of twenty dollars ($20) for adults and two dollars ($2)for Ladies and Juniors. A junior is defined as age eighteen (18) or younger.

September 15th through November 30th new members will pay twenty five dollars ($25) for the end of the current year and the following year.

Life memberships are available for the those who in the opinion of the officers have made significant contributions to the club at a cost of four hundred dollars ($400).