Here’s what’s going on at Black Ash Sportsman Club


Winter Classic Skeet League for 2015 will start on January 3, 2015. Shoots of 50 birds each will be held every other Saturday through March 14th with the post season shoot and banquet on March 28th.

 OCTOBER 12th – Big Tree Skeet Shoot.  BIG TREE SPORTSMAN’S CLUB AND CORRY SPORTSMAN’S CLUB AT BLACK ASH. 10am til 2pm Contact Clyde Courtwight for more information.  Come out and shoot or just to help.


 Deer season is just around the corner so get your rifles sighted in while the weather is nice. Don’t wait until late November when the range gets crowded. We will again host sight-in days for non-members this year, probably the 2 weekends before deer season starts, avoid the crowd and definitely get out before then.

HANDGUN RANGE NOTE:  We recently had one of the cables on the handgun range shot in two (accidentally). In order to help prevent this PLEASE MAKE CERTAIN ALL TARGETS ARE CENTERED ON THE TARGET BOARDS. PLACING TARGETS HIGH OR LOW MAKES THE CHANCES OF A CABLE HIT MUCH GREATER. ALSO REMEMBER TO SQUEEZE THOSE SHOTS OFF!  Reduced flinching while shooting will also result in fewer cable hits.

 HELP NEEDED – We are in desperate need of help at our Handgun Adventure Trail Matches. If a few members could volunteer a couple of hours around mid-day to watch the registration table and paint targets that would be great. The final 2 matches of the year are September 28 and October 26. Get back to me if you can help out.

The schedules for the upcoming years events are posted on the Calendar.  If see anything we missed or if you have any ideas for the Web site please drop us an email.